I’m Bhutanese, do I require visa for visiting Vietnam?

I’m holding Bhutanese passport, me and my family plan to visit Vietnam on December in around 2 weeks, do we require visa for visiting Vietnam?


Regarding your question, we would like to inform you that Bhutanese passport holders are required a visa for visiting Vietnam, therefore you need to apply for a visa for your visit to Vietnam.

Vietnam has recently launched e-visa (30 days single entry) for citizens of 40 selected countries, unfortunately, Bhutanese passport holder is not eligible for applying an e-visa.

However, citizens of Bhutan can choose 2 options below for getting a visa to Vietnam

Option 1:

Apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of Vietnam. This option requires visa applicants submit their visa application at the address of the embassy or consulate. Unfortunately, there is no embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Bhutan, therefore, visa applicant should choose option 2 – submitting visa application online then pick up visa on arrival at destination airport.

Option 2:

Apply online with us to request for picking up your visa on arrival at the destination airport. It’s take few minutes to fill the form online & get visa approval via email within 2 working days.

After getting the visa approval letter via email, you just need to print a copy of it to show for boarding & show on arrival to pick up your visa (please we charge for our service fee to arrange the visa approval letter only, you have to pay for visa stamp fee when pick up your visa at the destination airport)

Click here to see instruction on where to pick up your visa on arrival.

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- Please click here to know how to get a Vietnamese visa for Bhutanese passport holder

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