Vung Tau and top 5 destinations you cannot miss

Vung Tau and top 5 destinations you cannot miss

Even if you have been traveling Vung Tau once, twice, or many times before, Vung Tau will never make you feel bored at all. The following 5 places in this city are the reason why Vung Tau is one of the greatest tourist destinations for you.

The Pig Hill

One of the top 5 place in Vung Tau that you must visit is the Pig Hill. Vung Tau is well-known as a prominent coastal tourism city of the S-shaped land by not only fresh seafood, fresh beaches, attractive but also because of its the wild with their own look, and the Pig Hill one of them.

Right when waking on the road to the back beach of Vung Tau, you will see the interesting Pig Hill. This hill is a hilly area in the middle of the city, it is completely empty but own the wild feeling, and become the place that gives you a strange feeling with amazing check-in spot.

The highlight of the hill, however, is not its colors, nor its shape, but its view. If standing close to the edge of the hill, you can zoom out to see a whole large beach Vung Tau, the breakpoint between the picture is Hon Ba island, which stands alone in the vast blue sea. The Pig Hill will also be an exciting destination for any visitor who enjoys watching sunrise or sunset!

The Sheep field

Why is the Sheep field becoming one of 5 hottest destinations of Vung Tau that you need to go? Because this is the place that gives visitors different feeling about Vung Tau tourism, that this city does not only have the sea but also the green sheep farming.

Located in Suoi Nghe, Chau Duc, Vung Tau, the Sheep field resembles a nomadic picture in the Mongolian highlands. With wild beauty and quite characteristic, rarely seen in Vietnam, the Sheep field has been pleasing tourists from all over the world.

You should take pictures in the early morning or in the evening when the sun is still sunny but not too harsh, you can get the pictures of beautiful Sheep farm at this time. Sheepdogs are also friendly, but you should ask the shepherd people to help you stand near the sheep because the sheep are quite “cowardly”, if they are afraid they will run away!

Coc lake

Coc lake is one of the most beautiful locations of Vung Tau. Located in Hung Bien, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world, from families to vacationers, or students with a weekend picnic.

Unlike other places, Coc lake keeps its beauty fresh. The picture of Coc lake is a combination of clouds in the blue sky, fresh ocean, trees in the forest with the gentle wind. You will be fascinated with the beauty in this place because you can feel the most beautiful nature of Vung Tau.

This place also has the wooden bridge crossing a small green lake, where you can see the fish are swimming peacefully. If you are looking for a relaxing destination for your vacation, do not forget to choose Coc lake – Vung Tau, it will certainly be a place that never disappoints you!

Green Stone lake

The Green Stone lake is also one of the places that you should visit in Vung Tau because the beauty here has caused many travelers to temporary forget themselves. As the name implies, the Green Stone is a watercolor painting that blends between the rocky cliffs and the green lake to endless, fascinating visitors at first sight.

Located in Tan Thanh district, close to the edge of the Dinh Palace, Green Stone lake charms visitors by the beauty of the interlocking stone mountains and turquoise lake. Coming to this place, you can mix yourself in nature, in the middle of the fresh water, which is characteristic of softness, and lying between the majestic cliffs. That contrast makes a real beauty characteristic for Green Stone lake and for tourism of Vung Tau.

Statue of Jesus Christ

Referring to Vung Tau, the trip to the Statue of Jesus Christ is always one of the top choices. The statue of God, also known as the God Hand, was started building in 1974, is one of the tallest Jesus Christ statues in Asia.

To reach the top of the statue, you must pass about 1000 steps. The way to conquer is not easy but when standing on the top, watching the entire scenery of the beautiful city, then all the tired will go away!

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